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COVID -19: A New Technological Era in Education.

by Olivia Smith

Unexpected! unpredicted! unforeseen! These expressions fall short for the Coronavirus outbreak this year, 2020. Worldwide lockdown being imposed, life turning upside-down, and an overlong break on the normal daily-life can be clearly witnessed. 

What could be more worse than this noxious pandemic. Not only the health and life of the homo sapiens, but the mental health, social life, business, trades, anything and everything on earth are affected immensely. 

Education, a thing not to leave behind in this list. This pandemic has brought about a drastic shift in the pattern of educational sector. 

Teaching and learning have been made digital including exams, assignment and homework submissions, to the extent that today students can even use the free math calculators from  and help themselves online.

So, despite the prominent dark side of this pandemic which carries the cons, sometimes change is for good, right?

Hence, let’s now understand how the technological advancement in education started following COVID-19. 

Repercussions of COVID-19

As soon as the corona cases popped up in all the countries, one after one, lockdown was imposed in whole world. The shutters of schools, colleges, companies, hotels and every building except hospitals, banks, grocery and chemist stores, were shut down. The school and college campuses were the first to close down in the month of March. 

Without having expected a lengthy closure, the institutions had a sturdy challenge before them as to how to conduct the classes and exams for the students, amongst the increasing corona cases, lockdown and the need for social distancing. 

After enough meetings and discussions, eventually the government asked the institutions to opt for online mode of teaching. Hence, since the lockdown, the students are attending online classes rather than offline.

The beginning of revolution

The education system has leaned over the technology for aid. Today, the classes are being conducted through group video conferences, pre-recorded videos, videos posted in university portals, YouTube channels etc. The apps being used for running classes through video calls, most frequently and commonly, are Google classroom, Google meet, Zoom and some others. 

This has brought about a technological touch to the entire system of education across the globe. Moreover, due to the online teaching method being practiced in western countries even before the pandemic, the students always had an upper-hand compared to others, when it came to technology and its usage. 

Unfolding limitations

Earlier education was restricted to traditional method of using pen paper. This new practice is advancing our students for sure. Also, the traditional way of teaching made the students totally dependent on teachers and lecturers. 

With distant learning program, now students are learning to explore the things and self-learn which is fetching them extra knowledge. The academic system is slowly taking up a practical shape.

Nonetheless, by setting the valid complaints like network issues in low lying remote areas, less understanding of the concepts etc., right; the new style of teaching can be carried out even after the pandemic period with ease.

To conclude,

Let’s change our way of looking up at the problem, rather than trying to change the problem itself. This way we shall build our personalities to stand strong against any hurdle. 

So, let’s embrace the “Online mode of teaching- a new technological era in education”.