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How to understand if Your Child is Being Bullied in School

By: Bronwyn Leigh

Bullying is a common vice in many schools. As a parent, you need to know the signs to look out for to understand if your child is being bullied in school. You should do whatever you can as a parent to protect your child from bullies. Even though your child spends the whole day with teachers at school, you should also do your part to ensure your child has a smooth learning experience.

Protecting your child from bullies ensures they don’t grow up with self-esteem issues. Being bullied at such a tender age makes kids grow up with the belief that they cannot stand up for themselves. You can give your child money and be a financially supportive parent. You can show samples of essays and be an educationally supportive parent. But it’s very important to be an emotionally supportive parent. To observe is your child safe and sound. You need to stand up for your child today and give them the confidence to stand up for themselves in the future.

Here are tell-tale signs that could mean your child is being bullied in school.

Reluctance to Go to School    

Children are always excited to go to school, that is why the reluctance to go to school should be treated as a tell-tale bullying sign. If your child is giving you a hard time in the morning, find out if they’re being bullied in school.

Use a friendly approach to address the situation because most kids don’t even know that they’re being bullied. If your child gives recurrent excuses to skip school, there’s someone making their life hard at school.

  1. Recurring Headaches and Stomach Aches    

These are silent signs that your child is experiencing stress and anxiety. This might come as a surprise to some parents, but kids too get stressed. These are also quite easy ailments to fake. Your child might be using a fake headache as an excuse to skip school. Talk to your child about their ailments to ensure they’re truthful.

  1. A Change in Friendship    

Children hardly change friends, so when they do, try to find out why. Sometimes there’s no course for alarm, but it’s better to be sure. Worse than a change in friendship is losing a friend. If your child loses a close friend, something is a miss.

Sometimes, kids are bullied within a friendship circle. Remember that not all parents are as diligent in following up their kids’ behavior as you are. Always talk to your child about the activities they take part in to find out if they’re being bullied without their knowledge. This is especially important for parents with soft-spoken kids.

  1. Trouble Sleeping    

When a child gets poorly treated during the day, they’re bound to have trouble sleeping. The anxiety comes from worrying about what will happen in school the next day. Check on your child while they sleep to see if they’re always tossing and turning. Your child needs a good night sleep for proper brain development.

Another thing to note is if your child looks tired in the morning. This is a clear sign that they had trouble sleeping. All kids should be refreshed and ready for the day when they wake up.


Bullying in schools is more common than teachers and students realize. As a parent, you need to look out for your child. Protect them from bullies to ensure they have a healthy mental state.