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Lessons Girls Can Learn from Election 2020

hands with vote pins

by Laura Perillo, Oak Knoll

While every election season brings us hot-button issues, the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election specifically focused on the economy, health care, the global COVID-19 pandemic, race and ethnic inequality, Supreme Court appointments and more. While it’s easy to get caught up in the hype and social media craze, it’s essential that families take a deep breath, step back and find the silver linings from election 2020 to help our children understand the significance.

Perhaps one of the most important silver linings is that there are many lessons that girls can learn about from these last few months from Election Day 2020 through this week’s Inauguration Day. 

Positive Female Role Models

No matter your political affiliation, there’s no way of denying that this most recent election saw more women run for political positions – on both sides of the aisle – than ever before, especially for seats in Congress.  

Gender parity earned huge gains this election and here are just some of the highlights thanks to these female trailblazers:

  • Yvette Herrell, a member of Cherokee Nation, is the first Native American Republican woman to serve in Congress;
  • Mexico’s Congressional delegation includes three women of color: Yvette Herrell, Teresa Leger Fernandez and Deb Haaland;

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