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Narrowing Down Too Many Great Choices!

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Tales from a Mom on the Search for a Private School!

By “Mrs. Jane Schoolfinder”
Jane is going to tell it like it is, not everyone likes that, so the anonymity as she searches for a school for her child is warranted

There are SO MANY SCHOOLS to choose from!! By now I am sure that you have researched, reached out to, toured and possibly even completed the applications to some of the many AMAZING schools in this area. There are a plethora of opportunities available to us. It is both a blessing and a curse!

We have narrowed down our search for our child by answering a few questions. We looked at schools that went through 8th grade. We looked at school that went through 12th grade. We looked at single-sex schools, co-ed schools, religious schools and secular schools. For our family, we settled on pursing secular schools that extend through 12th grade.

More than the outward criteria mentioned above, we looked for a school that would teach our child to be a literate, critical thinker who felt empowered and was prepare to change the world.  Yeah, ok, that is a bit much of a statement. I get it. But, to know our child – it makes a lot of sense. Spirited, courageous, determined, resilient, and outgoing are just a few words that describe our child.


Look for the school to answer the question, “What is the purpose of your education?” When the schools answer that, does it match up with what you want for your child? There were several schools that had a purpose of education that matched with our goals. This is the uniqueness of the school and the program. Every school has strengths and weaknesses, but looking beyond them at what makes that program unique is a key to discovering the right school for your child.

How will the school help your child to discover their excellence? What is the child’s “excellence”? Critically analyzing and defining what your child’s excellence is will help to define what makes them unique. And in turn will help you to evaluate what school will encourage and help them to do and be their best.

For our child, finding a place that nurtures an inquisitive nature and helps to further develop problem solving skills is of the utmost importance. Our child is a challenger – not challenging (although I may use that description at times!). Always asking why and delving deeper into the information to quell the curiosity that drives learning. We need a program that will allow exploration until satisfaction is reached. We need a program to foster our child to find their WHY?

Looking at the Why?, helps us to frame the goals we have for our children. It helps us to know them on an intimately different level. Being honest with yourselves about who your child is and where their strengths and weaknesses lie will inspire you to find that perfect right fit.

We think we found ours… Do you think you have found yours?