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Private School Buyer’s Remorse

Having second thoughts about the school you chose for your child?

by Anonymous Admission Director

We’ve all experienced it at one time or another: standing in an aisle, looking back and forth like it is match point at Wimbledon.  I wouldn’t know, I don’t follow tennis.   Should I choose Megatron or Optimus Prime?  Should I get the Elsa or Anna dress?  The two-level rancher or the one-level brownstone?…just seeing if you’re paying attention.

Depending on the school you chose, you could be buying a no-frills compact car or a mid-size, SUV or crossover EVERY YEAR.  Multiply that by 2 or 3 kids…you get the picture.  It might have started at the new family event, last night, or it may not start until mid-September, but some of you may experience P.S.B.R., better known as Private School Buyer’s Remorse!


This is a perfectly natural reaction at one point or another before or during the first few weeks of schools.  Why?

  1. It’s Different – anything different from what we are used to scares us
  2. The Grass Is Always Greener Syndrome – the school you turned down or flipped the coin over starts looking good again
  3. The Sticker Shock Becomes a Reality – Your child may have been at home with a parent or relative at no cost to you and even though you make way more than your average family, seeing 35K disappear from your account in one lump payment or over 10 months is tough to swallow
  4. Your Kid Comes Home and Says He/She Doesn’t Like It – see #1

So, no matter the reason, take a breath, call the school and let them talk you off the ledge.  After all that if you still feel like you made a mistake, then maybe you should consider your alternatives.