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Smart Ways To Teach Children About Caring For The Environment

by Lucy Wyndham

Most adults say that younger people don’t care about the world around them, but a new survey has shown that Generation Alpha, or children born after 2010, care about the same issues that are causing great concern among parents today. The poll, which involves children ages 7 to 9, reveals that this generation cares a lot about equality, school safety, and the environment. Moreover, 95 percent of these kids said that taking care of the environment is top priority, while only 57 percent of Millennials feel the same. As the numbers show that these issues matter to Gen Alpha, parents should take the time to teach their children how to take concrete steps to care for the world they live in.

Turn an ordinary beach day into an ocean cleanup day

Did you know that 80 percent of ocean pollution comes from land-based activities such as improper disposal of garbage and use of chemical fertilizers? This is why it’s essential to teach children about how to minimize the amount of marine pollution, and some of the best ways to do that is to reduce plastic use and to pick up trash on the beach. If you’re thinking about going to the beach with your little ones, bring gloves, drinking water, plenty of sunscreen, and garbage bags, and let your kids collect empty water bottles, plastic, and other garbage that they may find along the shore. You may also want to tell them about how plastic is one of the biggest culprits of ocean pollution, and that they can do their part to solve this problem by using refillable water bottles for their drinks, and not using plastic straws when drinking their beverages. 

Start a garden

Gardening not only helps a child’s development, but caring for living things also allows them to learn about sustainability and the importance of growing their own food. The good news is that you don’t even need to have outdoor space to start a garden– you can start growing vegetables such as chives, lettuce, carrots, peas, and peppers in containers inside your home. Place the pots or containers on a window sill, give it some water everyday, and have fun growing and harvesting fresh veggies with your little one. 

Make crafts out of recycled materials

You and your child can help reduce landfill waste by making crafts out of recycled materials. First, teach your little one how to sort your trash, then put aside the things that can be used for crafting, such as empty plastic or glass bottles, cereal boxes, paper towel rolls, magazines, and egg cartons. Ask your child if they can make something new out of these items, and let them know that by recycling, they can help to lower pollution and conserve natural resources. 

Teaching children to care about the environment allows them to take small but concrete steps to save the planet. Try these tips to teach your children about conservation, recycling, and sustainability, and help them grow to be responsible and eco-conscious individuals.