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Taking Advantage of the Summer Months?

Taking Advantage of the Summer Months for parents - Truth Tree

by Dr. Lisa Lenhart, Ph.D.; Child Psychologist

The end of the school year brings with it many mixed feelings for children and families- pride in having done well, sadness at ending the next step or leaving behind familiar faces, and anticipation about the coming school year.  For some children, however, there are additional feelings related to difficulty keeping pace with peers or fears about their ability to do the work required in the coming year.  Some of these feelings can be addressed through open communication with your child- helping them feel understood, identifying strategies they can use to manage the workload more effectively, and determining how they can best handle various stressors that might come up in the months and years to come.  However, at times, children need a more comprehensive look at the factors that are affecting their ability to perform well in school.

Summer is a great time to take this more comprehensive look, as the demands of school are not present.  Consulting with a professional who can meet with you and your child could provide valuable insight into the areas of concern and could set the stage for a more successful and productive year.  With this insight, children and families could be more free to relax and enjoy the weeks of summer, knowing that the next year will be a better one!