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Top 5 Ways to Help Your School Improve Enrollment

by Trevor Waddington, DCschoolHUB Founder

Here’s a tricky situation: Enrollment at your child(ren)’s school has dwindled in the past 5 years (if you’ve been there that long).  The good news: Class sizes are low so your student is getting more individualized attention.  You may like it.  He/she may not.  The bad news: Class sizes are low so your student has fewer cohorts to choose from to be “friends”.  You may not like that.  He/she really doesn’t like that.

What could you do? 

Some families do the obvious and pursue alternative education options.  A lot of the mid-level schools (those not able to charge 30K+ or field an entire boys AND girls soccer team) are losing more and more to the big wigs who have a recognizable name with a sustainable financial future.


What should you do?

  1. Don’t discriminate.  Your school is an exclusive club where some people don’t belong…really?!?…seriously?!?  Do not discriminate.  Let admissions do that if necessary.  Little Billy, who plays on your son’s football team, and his parents may not look the part to you, but their family could be a great addition to the school.
  2. Take brochures with you.  Don’t’ be afraid to ask your pediatrician who you’ve known for years to put a few fliers in the waiting room.  Heck, take some to Jiffy Lube.  Even one percenters need their oil changed.  No matter the waiting room, someone will have a dead cell phone and need something to pass the time.
  3. Be a Social Media Maven.  When I look at schools’ social media sites it amazes me how few likes, comments, and particularly shares they get.  Folks, when you ‘share’ something awesome that happens at your child’s school all of your friends have a chance to see it.
  4. Know your resources!  If you can afford a private school education you are obviously doing something right.  Think about how you can use your professional resources to help your child’s school!
  5. Tell your school about  Of course!!  Did you expect anything less than a little shameful plug?!?  But it’s true.  Having worked at smaller schools for years, I know that there are usually open spots/seats and families seeking those spots/seats.  Schools are often too proud to post on their website “Spots available in most grades”.  Parents just assume the private schools are full by May, five months before the start of school.