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Relocating? How to Find the Right School for Your Child

by Liz Yee, Director of Admissions, Lowell School

Relocation can be an exciting and, let’s face it, stressful experience. There are many reasons that you may be relocating—new job opportunities, family changes, or a new life adventure—but when this move involves children, it can be even more challenging. Looking for housing, securing a job, getting to know a new city or community, saying “goodbye” to family and friends—there is a lot to balance. And, one of the most important elements, of course, is finding a school for your child.

Whether you’re looking at private or public schools, it can be difficult to even know where to begin. If your housing has been confirmed, that can be helpful in determining the local public school option. It can also narrow down ideas about private schools in the area. Or maybe, you’re waiting to find the school and then finalize the community where you will live. It becomes somewhat of a juggling game for everything to fall into place. Where to start?


Tap Into Your Real Estate Agent

If you are working with a relocation services company or a real estate agent, you should have early conversations about school districts, local neighborhoods, and private school options. Your agent will be your “boots on the ground” and will be able to get you pointed in the right direction. They will likely have a list of school district boundaries, or even a basic idea of good schools in the area. Schools are an important consideration in the real estate market, so don’t be shy about getting up-to-date and accurate information from your agent.

Do Your Research

If you have not yet relocated, Google is your new best friend. And, the good news is there are a lot of available resources that you can tap into to get to know schools and start to get an idea of what your options might be. If you need a tool to keep your thoughts organized, download this handy excel spreadsheet to get you started.  READ MORE